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Note: Innocrave-Ladies&Gents™ is  only at the University of Ilorin (permanent site) for now.

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Register to gain access into Innocrave -Ladies&Gents™ facility there are three types of registrations options.

Enter an active phone number when filling registration form online. This phone number will be used for verification at the point of entry, then biometric access setup will be captured. Only registered users will be processed for entry via access management system. Your Innocrave -Ladies&Gents™️ account will be created after registration, please visit the FAQ Page.

You should only pay registration fee via Innocrave -Ladies&Gents™ website or mobile app and our Customer Service Outlet. Never register through an unauthorized seller or reseller.

Registration Types



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Per Semester

(5 months)

Guarantee users 10 entries monthly to the L&G facility 

50 entries valid for 5 months

For as low as N35 per entry

Re-register  Anytime

Good Deal


Per Session
(10 months)

Guarantee users 15 entries monthly to the L&G facility

150 entries valid for 10 months

For as low as N20 per entry

Re-register  Anytime

Best Deal


Per Year
(12 months)

Guarantee users 20 access monthly to the L & G facility

240 entries valid for 1 year

For as low as N17 per entry

Re-register  Anytime

Great Deal

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