A: It doesn’t cost anything other than you register for the access into facility with a registration fee of :

  • N4,000 per session – 20entries monthly for 12months
  • N3,000 per session -15entries monthly for 10months
  • N1,750 per semester 10 entries monthly for 5months

A: Registered user Session -15 times monthly & Semester – 10 times monthly.

A: You must register first on website ( then follow the steps to payment page, payment can be done with debit/credit card.

A: The payment platform can accept Verve Card, Visa Card and Master Card from any bank.

A: Yes, you can but you would be billed on pay as you go basis (pending details)

A: No, you don’t, there is enough water in the facility.

A: Yes, you can, there are showers in the facility but pending completion.

A: The maximum duration allowed in the facility is 15 minutes (One min over will count as another access)

A: Yes, the facility has toilet rooms for people on the wheelchair/disability.

A: There are 15 toilets rooms available in the toilet facility, 8units Female & 7units Male side.

A: Yes, the facility has shower 2units on female & male side (pending completion)

A: Biometric setup is done at the point of entry only once. Subsequent entry, you will use biometric to enter the Innocrave-Ladies&GentsTM facility.

A: No, as long as you are a registered user and you have access point you can access the facility

A: We might have brands that would give promotional access points into facility if you patronize their brand

A: Report immediately to customer service 0818-790-7700

A: Report immediately to customer service 0818-790-7700

A: Yes, you can share on all social media platform #AwesomeToilets9ja, #ladiesandgents9ja and follow Innocrave-Ladies&GentsTM


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