About Innocrave-Ladies&Gents™an Innocrave Solutions Limited idea

Addressing the challenges of sanitation in tertiary institutions and public sector in Nigeria by infrastructural build of smart toilets facilities with our trademark Innocrave -Ladies&Gents™. Innocrave -Ladies&Gents promises to offer a safe, hygienic and germ/bacteria/virus free space to freshen up after you do any of your business in the toilet either #1 or #2.


All this in an awesome interior design with air conditioning environment. Simple registration steps and biometric access setup. A wow! Factor user experience of facility which would guarantee customer loyalty, referrals and ensure customer growth and retention.

Disinfecting/Cleaning Maintenance of Facility

24/7 water supply and maintenance vendor that would be using steam technology which cleans and also disinfects 99%.

This would build confidence in customers that facility environment is bacteria/virus free always. Most especially post COVID-19 readiness and proactive to mitigate of any future outbreak.

Attracting Viable Advertising Clients

Main revenue stream is the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) LED screen at any strategic location with maximum traffic visibility.

An option to leverage the database of users of Innocrave-Ladies&GentsTM facility to create promotional campaigns in the form of incentives to engage existing customers and acquire new ones. Invariably, your brand will be playing a vital role in providing an alternative toilet facility that helps everyone to stay safe amidst the threat of COVID 19. This is our little effort, an 100% private sector drive towards solving a national sanitation crisis.

Smart Toilet Facility
  • Touchless WC toilet systems
  • Touchless water faucets
  • Touchless soap dispenser
  • Access management system
DOOH Led Screed Billboard
  • P6 resolution LED screen
  • 18ft by 8ft (5.4m by 2.4m) size
  • Strategic location with highest visibility
  • Visibility to consumer over 40k+ daily

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