An Innocrave Solutions Idea.

Welcome to Innocrave-Ladies&Gents™

Our Reputation is Touch-Less

Addressing the issue of hygiene in public toilets, Innocrave -Ladies&Gents™ promises to offer a safe, hygienic and germ/bacteria/virus free space to freshen up after you do any of your business in the toilet either #1 or #2.

All this in an awesome interior design with air conditioning environment. To get access register now with a few steps to set up a My Innocrave -Ladies&Gents™ account.

Innocrave-Ladies&Gents™ facility features
  • Touchless WC toilet systems
  • Touchless water faucets
  • Touchless soap dispenser
  • User friendly mobile web-portal
  • 3 Step registration process
  • Easy online payment integration
  • 24/7 water supply
  • Steam technology to disinfect and clean
  • Access management system
Mobile App

Innocrave -Ladies&Gents™ Apps will be available soon on both Android / IOS for registration, easier access to your account, modify profile, manage and add funds and redeem point.

Facility is built to be COVID-19 compliance with touchless flush systems and steam technology that is 99% effective in disinfecting during cleaning process for germs/bacteria/virus free environment.


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